Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Ethics and Commitment to Sustainability

At Coats by Mary Ellen we take pride in our high ethical practices and commitment to the environment.  We create our outerwear with natural, breathable biodegradable fibres such as pure virgin wool, cashmere & wool, mohair, alpaca and cotton.  

Why Wool and Natural Materials: 

Wool is biodegradable. Wool decomposes naturally when it is returned to the earth in a matter of months depending on the condition of the soil its environment.  It slowly gives back valuable nutrients the earth. According to recent scientific studies, wool does not add to the pollution of marine environments and does not add to microplastic pollution or damage ocean health.

Wool is breathable:  Unlike synthetics, wool is breathable can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour, at the same time, it allows the moisture to evaporate discouraging bacterial growth. Allowing the wearer to feel more comfortable.

Wool is not an allergen:  Contrary to what some believe, scientific studies  show wool is hypoallergenic and is a not an allergen.  Sometimes, and depending on the type of fabric, irritation is caused by the coarse fibers that come out through the fabric which can feel scratchy and is not limited to the type of fabric/fibre.

Wool naturally resists odours: Due to the unique properties of wools chemical structure, wool is naturally odour resistant as well as wrinkle resistant.

The properties of wool make it an ideal fibre for outerwear.  It is 100% natural renewable and biodegradable. Wool is steeped in tradition and has been used for centuries and no other fibre, natural or man-made, can match all of wool’s naturally inherent benefits.

We source our fabrics from the finest European mills which keep the same centuries old traditional values.

What We Do With Our Excess Fabric:
We endeavour to minimize the amount of waste produced. The patterns are thoughtfully placed on the fabric before being chalked out and cut.  Any remaining excess fabric is either turned into scarves or are donated.


The actions we take today by producing quality garments made by using natural and renewable fibres will help build a better tomorrow and future generations