About Us




Coats by  Mary Ellen is in its second and third generation of coat makers.  Our history dates back about 80 years ago when our founder, Elia Pizzonia, began his journey of the fine art of tailoring in Curinga, a small town in Catanzaro, Italy.  Elia was destined to become a tailor at the early age of 8 years when he started apprenticing under the Master Tailor  "Mastro Leo."  With much hard work, commitment and dedication, Elia successfully became master tailor.

As many Europeans did in the 60's, Elia immigrated to Niagara Falls, Canada in 1960.  With him he brought his love for tailoring, knowledge, experience, determination and the dream of creating one of a kind outerwear for Canadians using his skills and European artisanal methods. Once he arrived in Canada, he quickly found work in Toronto as a tailor working as a "piece worker" for various manufacturers including Hannah Ladies Wear, Roth Stern and Lindzon. In the evenings, he provided couture services for private clients from his basement at home. Elia had a keen sense of style and was extremely talented.  While working at Dylex/Tip Top Tailors, his expertise was quickly identified and he was promoted to foreman. Throughout those years, he raised a family and with the culmination of his experience he founded Coats By Mary Ellen, named after his loving daughter Mary and his wife Elena.

In March 1982, Coats by Mary Ellen opened its doors on Spadina Avenue, in the heart of Toronto's "Fashion District" with many clothing manufacturers lining the streets, he always surrounded himself with highly skilled professionals to assist him in making his creations. He and his wife Elena taught his sons John, Domenic and Tony and daughters Lisa and Mary the necessary skills that would keep the family legacy alive. He was well loved and respected by everyone that met him.  

The Pizzonia family continues to offer local and international clientele an alternative to the traditional coat buying experience. Whether it's 'off the rack' or "custom made," customers are guaranteed to be satisfied that their money was well spent....Coats by Mary Ellen... over 40 years of satisfying the need for quality and style.

We offer Bespoke:

Bring us your outerwear ideas and we will custom make it!

We offer complimentary pressing and steaming on all coats made by Coats by Mary Ellen

We offer our clients many services including:

  • Dry Cleaning-Cloth and Leather
  • Alterations
  • Remodeling
  • Repairs and relining of coats and jackets
  • Leather experts
  • Zipper replacements
  • Hem/shortening